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Fun with Kafka, Camel and Karaf

A nice part of my job is that I occasionally get time to experiment with small prototypes for new trends in enterprise mobility. Prototypes don’t necessarily evolve into real products, and sometimes they serve only to discover the wrong way of doing something. But…


Gary Goes to Thames Town

Last week I visited an amazing little town in China about 20 miles outside Shanghai called, “Thames Town”. Here they have quite literally recreated a traditional English town complete with an old town square, a church, cobblestone streets and quaint English pubs. I remember…


BlackBerry At The Beach

This week I joined BlackBerry colleagues from all over the world at our 2016 BlackBerry Engineering Summit. Just like Engineering teams at other big software companies we are highly distributed. Every day we rely on Wikis, video conferences and of course BlackBerry’s own collaboration…


Northern Ireland Tech Mission in San Francisco

An unusual message arrived in my LinkedIn mailbox recently. It was an invite from the “Northern Ireland Tech Mission” to attend an event in San Francisco where companies from Northern Ireland (big and small) were meeting to share ideas, pitch startups and generally promote…


Visiting BlackBerry in Waterloo

This week I visited the BlackBerry headquarters in Waterloo, Canada. It was an intense week of design planning with the team who work on Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES12). But I had a chance to visit the “BlackBerry Experience Center” while I was there too.…


A New Job. Sort Of.

This month I officially joined BlackBerry, who acquired my previous company Good Technology. We’re starting work on a combined new software platform used by the most security conscious companies in the world to secure all of their applications, data, and communications on any mobile device.…